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Avant Garden Villas

Étages :
Gamme de prix du projet :
฿27.5M - ฿29.5M
Des lits:
677 sqm.
Gamme de taille de projet :
677 sqm. - 789 sqm.
฿27,500,000 THB

Description de la propriété

Avant Garden is a new Super Luxury "stand alone" Villas Project in Koh Samui.
There is no common fee, water is free and electricity underground at government rate.

The villas are located in the beautiful area Bophut, in 3 minutes drive or a short walk to the coast. Nearby is the best beach of the island - “Chaweng Beach”. Right there is the famous “Fisherman’s Village” with the greatest restaurants and hotels.

Furthermore, all the necessary infrastructure, including major supermarkets, is located down the road. While being in very close proximity to the best Koh Samui has to offer, the villas themselves are on the quiet green hill which is easy to reach by well built roads. The project consists of eight identical villas, each equipped with a variety of luxurious amenities. These include expansive terraces, a swimming pool with a jacuzzi, five bedrooms, a cinema, a gym, and a maid's room with its own kitchen and bathroom.
Every window of the villa, as well as the pool area, offers stunning views of the ocean and Koh Phangan island.
The villas differ only in the location of the parking lot. Villas available for sale: 1,2,3,6,7,8. Villas 4 and 5 are sold. In these villas (except villa 7) the car parking is located on the second (middle) floor. This is very convenient for residents as it provides easy access to the bottom and top floor. In villa number 7, very convenient parking is located on the ground floor, which is clearly seen on the master plan. Villa number 7 has a panoramic elevator that fits perfectly into the interior and makes the villa even more luxurious. At this time, the construction of villas 3 and 6 has begun. You can purchase these villas at the construction stage or after its completion.
It is important to note that the outer walls of all villas are made of two rows of bricks with an air gap between them. This creates a high thermal insulation protection and keeps cool inside all rooms. Electricity is supplied at low government rates. The important advantage of this project is that each villa has its own artesian well (150 meters deep) to provide the high quality drinking water that has many health benefits. As this water reserve is unlimited it is supplied throughout the water system inside the villa for all its usage.

The construction of villas is carried out by the company "SGQ Design & Construction". This developer has an excellent reputation and has already built over 200 villas on Koh Samui. We can arrange for you to talk to the people who live there or arrange a tour to some of the projects that are currently under construction, so that you can hear the opinion of the owners of this property and see the quality of the work with your own eyes. You can also evaluate the quality of our work on villas 4 and 5, the construction of which will be completed soon.

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