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Apply for your Thailand Elite Visa with us now

Thailand Elite Visa – Thai Elite Visa -Long Term 5-20 Years Visa in Thailand. It is one of the most popular long-term visa services in the world. Thailand Elite Membership is one of the proper ways for an outsider to enjoy and stay in Thailand for much longer periods of time. Each time a member enter the kingdom, they also benefit from a privileged Entry. The Visa is valid for 5/10/20 Years and allows the holder to stay in Thailand for one year by visiting the immigration office for an extension.

THAILAND ELITE originated from a singular goal: to present to our esteemed foreign guests Thailand’s finest vacationing and business experiences in several unique and special packages. In July 2003, Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd., the operator of Thailand Elite Card, gained state-owned enterprise status within the Tourism Authority of Thailand (“TAT”), its sole shareholder.


Thailand Elite’s objectives are to attract affluent guests, businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, and long-stay groups by offering enhancing benefits, privileges, rights, and services to our Members. With the helpful government authority and guidance of the TAT, Thailand Elite members gained access to these encompassing benefits beginning with a host of VIP arrival services at the airport.


We feel that Thailand Elite – featuring first-class and exclusive privileges for immigration and airport services, as well as extensive leisure and business benefits – is the finest country residency program in the world.


Extraordinary treatment at golf courses, spas, hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals, and medical facilities throughout our country await our Members.


These benefits and privileges are yours because — as an esteemed friend of Thailand — we want to maximize your enjoyment and share with us the thrill of visiting the Land of Smiles.

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